Cape Pine Lighthouse

HSMBC Plaque Location

 Cape Pine, Newfoundland



Date Designated: 1974

Plaque Status: Plaqued in 1977

Reason for Designation

Early circular cast-iron tower, 1851; first landfall light built on the dangerous south coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula

Other Info





 Plaque Text


Standing over 300 feet above high water, this lighthouse was build in 1851 by the Imperial Government at a cost of over £6500 and was thenceforth maintained by Newfoundland.   The circular 50 foot cast iron tower, ploygonal lantern and revolving light consisting of 16 whale oil lamps, each with a parabolic reflector, were shipped out from England, landed on this rugged shore, and conveyed to the site with considerable difficulty.   The tower at first included living quarters, but they soon proved uninhabitable.   The lighthouse has since been modified several times.


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