Reverend John Clinch

HSMBC Plaque Location:

 Trinity, Newfoundland




 Trinity Historical Society Inc.

Date Designated:  1964


Plaque Status:

 Plaqued in 1968

Reason for Designation:

Medical and missionary pioneer, introduced Jenner vaccine for smallpox

Other Info:


Contact Information:

Trinity Historical Society Inc.

P.O. Box 8

Trinity, NL A0C 2S0

Tel/Fax: (709) 464-3599





GPS coordinates: North 48 degrees 22.153 minutes, West 53 degrees 21.471 minutes



Plaque Text


REVEREND JOHN CLINCH, M.A.   -      1749 - 1812 

Born in England, this medical and missionary pioneer came to Newfoundland in 1775 and later settled in Trinity (1783) where he died. He is noted for introducing the Jenner vaccine to British North America (1800) and for compiling a valuable glossary of Beothuck terms. 



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