L'Anse Amour

HSMBC Plaque Location

L'Anse-Amour, Labrador



 Labrador Straits

Date Designated:  1978

Plaque Status: Plaqued in 1989

Reason for Designation

Burial site, Maritime Archaic culture; features the earliest known funeral monument in the New World, created between 6100 and 6600 B.C.


Other Info



Labrador Straits

P.O Box 112

Forteau, NL A0K 2P0

Accessible: May to November





Tel: 709-927-5825

Fax: 709-927-5833

GPS Coordinates:

21U0514582, UTM5711081




Un-official Info

The earliest known burial mound in North America is found at L'Anse Amour, Labrador. Here about 7,500 years ago a Maritime Archaic adolescent was buried with great reverence and ceremony. The body was wrapped in a shroud of bark or hide and placed face down in the grave with the head to the west. Fires were lit around the body, food was cooked and offerings of tools and weapons placed in the grave. The construction of a large mound of rocks over the grave completed the burial. Was this a special individual, or did the elaborate burial hold some other significance? Ponder the mystery.The burial at L'Anse Amour has now been designated a National Historic Site of Canada. You can learn more about the Maritime Archaic Burial Mound from the interpretation panels and the commemorative plate at the site. There is also an exhibit of reproduction artifacts from the site at the Labrador Straits Museum and at the Gateway to Labrador Visitor Centre in L'Anse Au Clair.

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