HSMBC Plaque Location

Okak, Labrador



Date Designated:  1978

Plaque Status: Not Plaqued


Reason for Designation


Arch├Žological site, several cultures occupied



Other Info




Okak - SOCI/DP was just confirmed in 2007(no plaque approved)


Unoffical Info

Okak is a former community in northern Labrador. Founded in 1776, Jens Haven and his followers built missions at Nain, Okak, and Hopedale. These missions served as trading posts. In 1918, an outbreak of Spanish influenza struck Okak, killing 161 out of a population of 220. The Moravians then sold their trading post at Okak to the Hudson Bay Company. In 1956 the settlement was abandoned when the government compelled the remaining inhabitants to relocate to other communities in Labrador

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