St. John's Ecclesiastical District

HSMBC Plaque Location

St. John's, Newfoundland




Date Designated:  2008

Plaque Status: Not Plaqued

Reason for Designation

Represents the breadth of involvement of several denominations in the establishment and evolution of the spiritual, philanthropic, charitable and educational institutions of St. John's


Other Info




Not Plaqued


Unofficial Info


The district is largely composed  of buildings and spaces associated with the Roman Catholic, Anglican, United (formerly Methodist) and Presbyterian denominations. The collection of ecclesiastical and fraternal buildings, which comprise the district, reflects the pivotal role of the churches in St. John’s society in matters spiritual, educational, charitable, political and recreational for more than 175 years.  The district, comprised of over 60 acres of historic lands, buildings and monuments, can be found in the middle of old St. John’s, marked by such distinctive buildings as the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.




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